View Full Version : 1953 elgin 7.5 hp , twin cylinder

05-19-2011, 07:46 PM
Does anybody know the oil mix for this? Also I'm looking for a gas cap that lets air into the tank?

06-07-2011, 05:57 PM
mixture is
16: 1 Found the cap, thanks! Can I use any gasket for the gas glass bowl . Thats the last problem I have, before she runs, I hope? Thank you!!!!!

07-23-2011, 01:45 PM
Just got a 7.5 and wondering if you still do the 16: 1 ratio

07-23-2011, 07:17 PM
Yes, got mine working and ratio is 16: 1. Great little engine!!

07-25-2011, 07:11 PM
What about using gas with ethanol mixed in it?

02-28-2013, 04:00 PM
I have a 1954 Elgin 7.5. I have been using "Amsoil Saber 100:1 outboard oil" at 40:1. I'm scared to go much less than 40:1 but have been doing so for a couple of years. It is the everyday motor for my sailboat so although it doesn't get long haul use it does get used often enough. This has virtually eliminated the smoke and makes starting easier.

04-24-2014, 09:52 PM
Avoid it if you can, you motor was not engineered for today's blended gas. Try to locate straight un-blended fuel

06-03-2020, 11:37 PM
I believe the correct mix is 1/2 pint of (modern) TCW-3 designation oil per gallon of gasoline was recommended on a document I found.

11-22-2020, 12:30 PM
Just got a 7.5 and wondering if you still do the 16: 1 ratio and replace it