View Full Version : 2000 Suzuki DT 115 Problem

04-23-2011, 11:12 AM
Background: Engine has 200 hours, kill switch is disconnected, full tank of fresh ethanol free gas with Sea Foam additive, normally runs good, but last season it started acting up and ended up being a faulty kill switch. Battery is fully charged.
Problem: Tough to start sometimes, other times it starts up like it was brand new. Once up to speed (3200 – 4000 rpm) it dies, or at least powers itself down to an idle.
Symptoms: The ignition tone beeps erratically when it won’t start and when it dies at higher rpm…it doesn’t seem to be beeping any recognizable code. No lights are flashing on dash…and I am not familiar with problems codes, including how to recognize them.
Solutions tried so far: Changed or cleaned all fuel filters (water/fuel separator, inline filter, and fuel vapor separator filter). Isolated on board fuel tank by running on a 5 gallon tank of fresh ethanol free gas.
…any help is greatly appreciated.