View Full Version : white and grey smoke and power loss

08-16-2010, 11:44 PM
Have a 32 foot sportfisher with 2 marine power 350's. carborated. On the way back from catalina a couple weeks ago, i noticed some grey smoke coming out the back, but boat ran fineTook it out yesterday and had heavy white smoke, followed by both engines overheating. Turned off the engines, did a inspection and figured it was kelp that clogged the intake, dove down and found the intakes clear. Started the engines back up, and temps went down, but now the grey smoke is back as well as too much white smoke and the boat seems like it has lost horsepower. i was at 2900 rpm and could not even get on plane. Checked the oil and it still looks good, not milky white... ideas? The risers were just replaced and the heat exchangers were boiled last fall and raw water pumps have less than 50 hours on them.

08-17-2010, 10:52 PM
May wanna check the exhaust hoses. They don't last long when the cooling water stops flowing. I'd also pressure test both engines.

White smoke is usually associated with low/no cooling flow as 'steam'. True white smoke usually appears with a coolant leak into the combustion chamber (antifreeze burning). Grey smoke is usually something burning.