View Full Version : 1999dt200 fuel leaking into intake manifold

07-09-2010, 09:13 PM
I have changed vst and regulator would like to know what would make fuel vent to intake manifold.Engine has no power smokes and idles rough.I am thinking high or low pressure pumps going to check high pressure 35 psi I think not sure.I changed vst and regulator ran fine 5400rpm good excelleration next day smoking again 1800 rpms. I changed oil filter sensor and lines and bled.Iput in new plugs changed seporator filter drained tank.I even ran off six gallon tank.Iwould like to if high pressure is to low would this make vst flood into intake manifold.Is it possible the tps could be causing the problem.I need help on this lost job no money stuck in house with wife live on the water boats 50 feet away.I have to get out of here.