View Full Version : 3GM30F Rebuilt injector pump still wonbt start

03-08-2010, 07:48 PM
"I have a Catalina 320 with a 3GM30F. Injector Pump was not delivering fuel to #1 injector. I had the pump rebuilt, Re-installed it and still can get it to run. I have fuel at all 3 injectors and it sounds like at least one of the cylinders is trying to fire. Lift pump seems to be feeding the pump fine. Is there something I may be overlooking?"

03-09-2010, 05:08 PM
"Got it running, but it's not running good. it's blowing out a ton of carbon, and doesn't want to throttle up more than 1200 rpms. opened the compression levers one at a time and all 3 seem to be contributing evenly. Lots of carbon in the intake as well. Not back firing. Any ideas?"

03-29-2010, 04:50 PM
I have seen many a Yanmar repaired, rebuilt and reconditioned due to an exhaust elbow clogged from rust. Pull off the hose and look into the elbow. you should see two distinctive openings, one for water and one for exhaust. I have also seen exhaust hose collapsed on the inside and not on the exterior, usually from a bad sea water pump and the inside of the hose getting scorched.