View Full Version : Palmer P60 Sticky Valves

Peter John
06-18-2002, 01:48 PM
" I have just removed a 1971 Palmer P-60 from a Columbia sloop that had been inoperative for one year. The problem is with a few valves that refuse to close due to salt water immersion.
I also noticed salt water spouting out of the spark plug holes, hmmm. I replaced the headgasket, but the porblem persists.
What is the best approach? Is it possible that the intake/exhaust manifold has cracked or "back siphoning from a failed wet exhaust system?
Is there a good test for this condition?
How does one free up the valves?
Any input would be helpful, Thanks. "

Richard Day
06-19-2002, 07:04 AM
" Peter, Sounds to me like you have a serious problem with the exhaust manifold probably rusted through. Could be worse with the block rusted through around the valve cages. I wonder what head gasket you put on? The P-60 is an IHC Cub Tractor block the Palmer converted for marine use. The crankshaft was ground by IHC to join up with the Paragon OXKB reverse gear. All the engine parts are available from your IHC dealer but don't talk Palmer they will think you are nuts. Save the crankshaft and have a Cub tractor block rebuilt using your crankshaft. Save all the marine trim as that was supplied by Palmer. Flywheel and exhaust manifold was supplied by Palmer. The exhaust manifold is very hard to find. Doubt you will find a new one. If you intend to salt water cool you must use a copper head gasket and they are very hard to find. If you rebuild a Cub Tractor block I suggest you add a heat exchanger and fresh water cool block and exhaust manifold. Where are you located? Send me an e-mail or telephone call and we can discuss in more detail. My telephone number is 301-475-3798 "

Derek King
08-20-2002, 01:07 PM
" I want to re-power an Allied Chance 30-30 that I have restored. It came powered with a Palmer P-60 4 cylinder gas. I am looking for suggestions for the most appropriate diesel engine for the project.

A key element here is simplicity. I would like to be able to match the mounts or at least minimize the work required to convert the space in ordere to accomodate the new iron fin.

I am guessing that a 20-30 HP small diesel (Yanmar,Isuzu,Volvo) should do the job. The P-60 is a 22 HP mill.

Any and all suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanx a Bunch.......Derek King "

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