View Full Version : Bertram 25 repower

Brooks Jackson
05-22-2002, 12:10 PM
" Does anyone have advice on repowering a Bertram 25 (with V-drives, not I/O).

Engine space is tight -- the raw-water cooled Chrysler 318's barely fit now.

Options are:

--Rebuilt Chrysler 318s (cheap)

--New GM-based, carbureted engines (expensive)

--New GM-based EFI engines (very expensive)


--Can new engines be mated to existing Paragon V-drives (which were just rebuilt last year)?

--Am I asking for trouble buying rebuilt Chryslers? And how do I choose a rebuilder?

--What gains in performance and fuel efficiency can be expected by going with new GM-based engines? "

05-22-2002, 07:45 PM
"If you're budget oriented like me, get the 318's rebuilt IF the water jackets aren't eaten away from raw water cooling (you didn't say salt or fresh water, or the age & hours on the engines). Take the engines out and work with a good machine shop that can tell you if the blocks & heads are rebuildable. Check with local auto performance garages to see who does their machining, then go visit that shop. If you buy turnkey rebuilts, make sure they're warranted and get customer references.

Make sure all accessories & bolt-ons (manifolds, distributor, pumps, carb, alternator, etc.) are new or warranted rebuilt.

Chances are GM small blocks (305, 350, 383, 400) will not bolt up to your reverse gears. The bell housings are bound to be different. They will probably require different engine mounts, throttle and gear linkages, fuel lines, etc., adding to your bill.

Quality rebuilt 318's will perform within 90% of the GM's, and it's likely that extra 10% will almost double your tab. If space is really tight, you may have fitment problems, too. I'd stay with the 318's and get your money's worth out the V-drive rebuilds.

Dont' be afraid of rebuilds, but don't skimp on parts and work with a reputable shop. In the process, you'll learn a lot about your engines - something every skipper appreciates.


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