View Full Version : UnPickle 4LHASTZP

12-01-2009, 01:30 PM
"I just bought a Skipjack with a 4LHA yanmar in it that is pickled and I want to un pickle it so I can try it out.The motor had water in it from a line that came off thru hull and splashed into turbo.The owner heard motor sound different and boat listing,shut it off and fixed leak,was towed in,took it to Yanmar dealer,dealer reccomended changing the motor,removed oil,pulled injectors & pickled motor.This all happened last week 11/23/09.The dealer also told me that I must rebuild the injector pump otherwise I will never get all the water out of pump?
How do I un pickle?
Do I need to rebuild injector pump?
Thanks Dale"

dave the brave
08-10-2010, 10:34 AM
Hi Dale just wanted to know did you get the engine sorted ?