View Full Version : 1999 Honda 130 power loss

10-02-2009, 12:55 PM
"For about 5 months I have had episodes of power loss in one motor above 4000 RPM's. I have changed plugs sent to two different Honda shops that have changed all filters and cleaned fuel system and the motor will work fine for them. The last time I got it back it worked great for a test run. I went offshore and after about 1 hr of running it lost power again for the rest of the day. The other motor at high RPM's pulls the other up to some extent.
I have thought about changing the low or high pressure pumps, but maybe I have one of the defective blocks that is cracked. Help!!!"

10-02-2009, 11:32 PM
"I would not change out the high pressure pump until you know that the fuel pressure is not where it should be.

What do the spark plugs look like? Any differences?

Do you have a common fuel tank that both engines run off of or do you have dedicated fuel tanks to each? If you have dedicated tanks, check for water in the fuel.

Did both shops change filters, etc?

Did the motor perform ok after each visit?

I would call the last place and see what they think.
Did they perform compression or leak down tests?
Did they test it on the water before they fixed it?

Also, if you are not the original owner, ask the dealer to check if the block and head have alreay been replaced."