View Full Version : Low pressure fuel pump 50 Gi

09-22-2009, 07:59 PM
"My buddy just replaced the high pressure fuel pump on his 2000 5.0 Gi VP engine. It didn't solve the problem of engine quitting after running for about 20 seconds upon startup. I took a look and replaced a bad anti-siphon valve and the sending unit on the gas tank(fuel guage wasn't working either) thinking I had solved the problem. Well it still would not run more than 20 or so seconds. I used a spare tank before the fuel inlet and the symptom remained. I then tested the vacuum between the tank and the low pressure pump and found zero vacuum with the engine running....voila....bad low pressure pump.
The fuel pump relays are getting 12 volts so I ruled those out. The issue is VP apparently doesn't sell the low pressure pump by itself. You have to buy the entire fuel cell/manifold set which also includes the high pressure pump for about 650 smackers. Since my friend just purchased the high pressure pump for 233 big ones this news isn't going to sit well with him. Question, why does VP sell the High pressure pump separately and not the low pressure pump. If this isn't the case where can I order a non oem low pressure pump?"