View Full Version : 2006 50 HP Head Bolt Torque

09-09-2009, 01:32 PM
I'm about to re-torque the head bolts on my 2006 50 HP Yamaha Outboard as it was suggested to me to have that done after the first 10 hours of use. The Head cover displays 29.4 Nm (M8) and 7.8 Nm (M6) for the torque values but I'm trying to confirm which bolts use which value. The Head cover has 14 bolts (12 mm socket) along the perimeter of the Head cover and 4 smaller bolts (10 mm socket) down the middle. All bolts have the number 8 stamped on them. I believe they would all be torqued to 29.4 Nm but wanted some confirmation before doing so on those smaller bolts.