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09-07-2009, 08:03 PM
"So I have been googling for an hour. I have found many sources for the 6006 and 6007 bearings, and one source for the retaining clips, but NO source for the sealing cups which go on either end of the shaft. Any suggestions, besides Volvo? This is for the extended housing which bolts to the flywheel cover (Chris Craft/Eaton style) the bearings/clips/seals for which I think are identical for the ones used in the one Volvo pds housing. I have a 1977 280 drive.

09-07-2009, 09:50 PM
You might try Doug Russell Marine. But just curious - why don't you want to buy from a Volvo distributor?

09-07-2009, 10:20 PM
"Quote: "This is for the extended housing which bolts to the flywheel cover (Chris Craft/Eaton style)".

If this is the extended PDS housing, it will not be Volvo Penta! So not all parts can be obtained via Volvo Penta!
It will likely be from one of the other manufacturer/marinizing companies (Chris Craft, Eaton, Holman Moody, Glastron, Marine Power, etc).
This housing moves the engine forward by approximately 3 - 1/8" .
The Volvo Penta exhaust manifolds are not used with this PDS housing.

The FWD seal will be the 35 x 62 x 7mm (same as the Volvo Penta) and the AFT seal will match the smaller bearing (6006), of which will be a 35 x 55 x 7mm ............. and either can be ordered in a TCM or Timken seal. (they will most likely need to be ordered as they are rarely in stock where I purchase the ones that I use. )

Now, Volvo Penta did offer a Borg Warner pattern -(slash)- Volvo PDS adapter housing using the Borg Warner six bolt pattern flywheel cover.
If this is what you have, it will use 6206 AFT bearing and a 35 x 62 x 7mm TCM or Timken seal.
This adapter, with the B/W F/C, positions the engine same as the red one pc F/C does.
This one does allow the use of the typical AQ series Volvo Penta exhaust mans.
(I mention this just in case you are uncertain of which one you have)

FYI; Make sure that both bearings are "open" bearings and that you pre-fill the grease cavity (while turning the shaft) until you see grease coming through each bearing prior to installing the seals.

Use a high pressure bearing grease.... not green marine grease! IMO.

Snap rings can be purchased from a good NAPA parts store.


09-07-2009, 10:38 PM
"Rick - my bearings (6006 and 6007) are 13, and 14mm in width! All the listings show 6006 at 13mm mm and 6007 at 14mm. The other measurements are the same."

09-07-2009, 10:47 PM
"OK, maybe I'm not following you... what is the issue? The AFT seal?
And what is meant by; "The other measurements are the same"?

Sorry, apparently I'm not following you on this.