View Full Version : AD31B Problem no more than 1100RPM

07-30-2009, 04:02 PM
"Hello diesel engine experts.

Went on a trip with my boat a couple of weeks ago, had no problem what so ever. The engine was running excellent...
Now I have not used it for 3 week. I tried to start it, but it would not start, I gave it a little gas (whit out engaged clutch) it started... But max rpm is 1100 RPM.

4 evenings in a row I have checked fuel system, incoming air etc. I have changed fuel filters, checked for dirt in fuel lines, changed fuel lines, checked the feeder pump but have not found anything wrong.
Turbo is spinning, the air filter is changed.
It will not go over 1100RPM

The weird part is that I have not started the engine for 3 weeks. Last time i had it running it was running like a new engine.
The only thing i have not checked is the injector pump, but i guess it requires a experienced person to try and tackle that.

Engine have around 1200 h.

Any idea is welcome. PLEASE HELP<font size=""+1"">