View Full Version : Kad32 rough idling

07-21-2009, 09:01 PM
"Hi there, I own a four winns 32 with twin kad32 which has caused me nothing but grief. It even went back to the factory because the boat had gas instruments and could never get an exact tach reading therefore it has been impossible to synchronize. Now i have a new problem, my starboard engine seems to lack in power and idles rough. I have replaced fuel filters, purged all fuel lines,air filters etc. The supercharger kicks in at about 1600rpm as usual but cannot tell if turbocharger is working on either one because there is no boost gauge, no evidence of overheating and no audible sound. These engines reached 3700 max rpm, now the starboard barely makes it to 3200 and port to 3400 but i think because of it straining. I'm thinking a bad injector but to be honest I'm not a diesel mechanic and in my area there is nobody familiar with these engines. I always had a hard time getting on plane but now its getting really bad and these motors have only 120 hrs!! Any suggestions?"