View Full Version : VP 2002 Starter motor will not run

07-11-2009, 06:27 PM
"The starter motor will not run. I have checked that it works. I have installed a new starting switch, but when turning the key, I still do not hear any click from the relay (I suppose i should) What might be the problem?
Petter Christensen"

07-14-2009, 01:40 PM
"Probably a bad connection somewhere between the keyswitch and the relay. Its the red/yellow wire from terminal 50 on the key switch via pin 4 on the multiway connector

Check that you do get a suply on terminal 50 of the switch then check that you get it at the relay (sorry not sure of the terminal marking 86 maybe).

Then check that you get a supply via another, slightly heavier, red/yellow wire from the relay (terminal 1 ??) to terminal 50 on the starter solenoid itself.

Check the grounding, black wire, on the relay if you are getting a supply there but the relay is not closing

Wiring diagram is in the owners manual. download from http://www.volvo.com/volvopenta/na/en-us/marine_leisure_engines/parts_service/pu blication_search/publication_search.htm ("") if you have mislaid your copy.

Sorry thats the US site, I changed from the GB site but now i see you are in Norway. Dont suppose it makes ny difference but you should be able to find other versions from the home page."