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06-29-2009, 05:34 PM
"First post, but not my last, I have a 1987 Bayliner 14' with a force 50HP O/B, took boat out Saturday ran for about 30 minutes, then just quit, turns over just fine and getting gas, I pulled one plug to check for spark and I have no spark, I have read on this forum that the kill switch might be the problem, Model of the motor is 507X7A, I not sure how I would check to see if it is the Kill Switch, would I splice the wire at the Kill Switch or could I diconnect at the terminal block? Kill switch has two wires connected to it both are purple, one goes to the ignition switch other to the terminal switch. any help would be greatly apperciated, thanks again"

07-01-2009, 08:36 AM
Would start by disconnecting the switch from the ignition. where it comes out of the flywheel.

07-01-2009, 11:35 AM
"That for the reply, I jump the Kill Switch, still same issue. The Kill switch has two purple wire connected to it. I traced one to the ignition, other spliced into a blue wire, after looking at the repair manual when I trace the wires back to the terminal I do see a blue wire connected to the terminal, but no white wire, I found the white wire, it's just taped up not connected to anything. Please HELP!!"

07-10-2009, 10:23 PM
"even though i said i would never do this again..

that model has a battery points ing. system in it i believe... so get used to ign. problems.

don't worry about the white wire, if it ran before, and you didn't cut and splice it before it quite running... don't worry about it. the white wire is for a tack... causes more problems than they are worth in that model... imo
kill switch is a possible... one wire goes to ign. switch the other to ground,i believe, thus grounding out the system and it won't run, just like the nutral swith. if you just disconnect it from the ign. switch that should by pass it. personally i always tape connectors i unplug like that... c.y.a.

you said that you pulled a plug and it had no spark, but it is getting gas. did you pull just one plug? and you said it was getting gas, is that because the plug was wet? was it the top plug? has the motor been sitting for a while since you ran it last?

if you haven't, check both plugs for spark.
check the nutral switch, this isn't the kill switch which is on the dash, this is next to the tower shaft and has yellow wire. it won't let you start it in gear but it will turn over fine.

if you only checked one plug and it was wet, and the motor has been sitting for a while, it could be the fuel pump. when the diaphram goes bad the cyl. pulls gas through it and fouls the plug, and it won't fire. these motors will run on one cyl. so i would check this last. just letting you know about it as a possible.

if both plugs aren't getting spark, check the power going into the points, i think it will be the blue wire off of the terminal block. with battery point system you will need good battery voltage for it to run, but even if there is a problem in the charging system it should still start and run till the battery loses some voltage.. check the power at the coils. these will be blue wires, check the voltage at the coils. check the ground wire ar the terminal block too.

there are one set of points for each cyl. so usually you will have problems with just one at a time.

glad to see you got a manual,second best investment for your boat, if you are going out in the ocean like i do, then vessal assist unlimited towing has to be #1. good luck and get back if you don't find a problem or you have another question. see ya on the water. George"