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06-19-2009, 05:25 PM
"Hi, I have a 125 HP Force 1988, the top spark plug wire end that connects to the plug pulled out from the boot and the wire itself. The other end goes into some type of block (not into a distributor like a car) It doesn't appear that the end away from the spark plug plugs into this block but is somehow permently attached. Please tell me what is the fix to replace this spark plug wire.

06-20-2009, 04:15 PM
The coil and wire are all one (unit) on the Force's Prestolite ignitions.

You can replace the spark plug boot end (any autoparts place can provide you with a new end) or you can replace the entire coil unit (about 45 bucks from either a Merc dealer or any online place that sells CDI parts).

You can not simply replace the spark plug wire by itself like you would on a car...

06-20-2009, 08:17 PM
Thanx for your help Graham