View Full Version : Volvo MD32

06-04-2009, 07:27 AM
"I have twin MD32 in an old boat (believe its about 1975)
The boat has been laid up for several years but we managed to get both engines running. After about 7 hrs trouble free running stbd engine kept dying, but started again on the key.
suspected fuel problems although no sludge or water evident.
Next day system drained and cleaned. Lift pump checked and OK. However when turning over cannot get any fuel to injector pipes. As fuel is bled and returns to the tank OK and all bleeds are vented I suspect the injector pump.
I am reluctant to remove this at present as I have no timing info to replace it or manual on how to lock the engine to assure that everthing goes back as it came out.
Does anyone have any ideas or where I can acess a workshop manual for these engines (are they similar to MD30?)
Big question and any help appreciated"