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05-12-2009, 03:18 AM
"I have a 1996 200hp carb saltwater series. I just want to say this motor is great. I have not had one major problem with it since I bought the boat in 2005. (unknown hrs). Recently I got a low oil level alarm. When I took the cover off I noticed the reservoir inside the motor was low. I used the manual switch located on the CDI and was able to fill the reservoir back up to the normal level. I ran the boat again and experianced the same problem. After doing some troubleshooting this is what I found:

I know the oil pump located in the bilge attached to the main oil tank is good because I was able to manually fill the reservoir tank. I also had this issue about 2 years ago and replaced the pump.

I decided to check the sensor which is attached to the top plug of the reservoir tank in the motor. At first I had a green fill arrow on my gauge after I manually filled the reservoir tank back up. After troubleshooting I noticed that it would stay at yellow even if it was filled up. The sensor (from what I understand) will tell the tank pump to start filling, as well as give you your levels on your gauge and the low level alarm. The low level alarm will also activate when the tank in the bilge is low.

The sensor plugs into the CDI so I removed the plug and performed a continuity test using the black wire as the common. I checked the float on the sensor, which by the way does move freely on the stem, at 3 different locations. At high, fill, mid (yellow on the gauge), and low I received continuity on each wire telling me that the sensor might be good.

Now here is the deal. I was looking over the schematic for the CDI and I cannot see anything else controlling the oil fill other then the sensor in question. I spoke with a mechanic who was unsure, but agreed with me. I called my local parts dealer (who are pretty expensive but always have the parts I need) and they quoted me $160.00 for a new sensor which is non- refundable. Before I blow the money I want to see if anyone else here has experienced a similar problem or knows what the problem might be.

Thank you in advance


05-12-2009, 10:57 AM
"I had a similar problem with my 1997 200. Full main oil tank but guage light dropping to yellow and occasionaly to red and an alarm. I removed the main tank, dumped the oil into a container, changed the inline filter then ran the oil back into the tank thru a painters filter. I was surprised at how much jelled oil, and debris that painter filter trapped. Haven't had the problem since. I think at high rpm the engine was demanding more oil then the main oil tanks pump could push thru a partially plugged filter."

05-12-2009, 04:04 PM
Sounds like somethinis I need to try however the pump itself is not turning on at all when the float is at mid level. I need to dump the oil anyway to clean the filter. Thank you for the reply.

07-11-2009, 09:15 PM
"I have twin yamaha 200 hp 2 strokes. I ran both for about 30 mins, the left engine oil indicator brinked and a beeping sound came on. The engine power dropped from 40 to about 7-8. The 2 gal oil tank is still three quaters filled. The oil tank in the engine was at the LOW indicator. I filled it. started the motor but the problem persisted. If the resivior is filled why is the beeping sounding?"