View Full Version : AD31B Turbo slow to power up

05-10-2009, 05:54 AM
"My boat has been a little slow to get on plane and rpms up to its power range (3000-3600 rpm). Feels like the turbo is lagging. Took turbo off to inspect,fins spin well with no excess play or restriction. Did notice quite a bit of oil and soot in the compressor that feeds the charged air to aftercooler and engine. Removed the bolt on engine where charge air is checked and felt inside and got a little soot and carbon on my finger. Is it normal to have oil and soot in the compressor going to the engine or is this indication of leaking turbo seals causing the turbo to lag? Will an overhaul kit remedy this? Plan to check charged air and just replaced fuel filters hoping it was the problem but haven't sea trialed yet. Thanks!"