View Full Version : 290 DP LEG RAM CYLINDER LEAK

05-05-2009, 11:18 AM
"Hello again
Iv noticed a small amount of oil starting to drip out of one of the port leg trim cylinders,do you have to take the entire ram housing off the shield or can i just unscrew the front and take out the shaft and repair the seals?? Thanks in advance everyone"

05-08-2009, 04:40 AM
"Hi Peter
We've had the same problem and replaced all the rams as we were told that they were a non repairable item. Even tho' we would trim the legs fully down when in port there was a calcification that built up on the rams and "chopped out" the seals. Volvo has apparently recognised this problem and after the second set went the same way they replaced them gratis and supplied us with rubber boots that cover the rams. I also noticed that the third set were a slightly different style of cylinder and have been told that these ones can be repaired (this was by a mechanic, not by Volvo). Anyway the boots seem to be working and we have not had any more problems with the rams, yet. Our drives are the DPH ones."

05-10-2009, 05:08 AM

I just had the same problem. After dropping the 290 leg, I removed the locking bolts on the engine side of transom that hold the dowel pins that the ram pivots on. The repair manual said to install a grease nipple on the leg side of transom to push the pins out. Didn't happen. Ended up taking the boat to the shop and was pleasantly surprized that they were able to change the seals without taking off the ram or replacing them. Costed me $300 and I re-installed the leg myself. Far less than changing the rams to new. They did mention that the seals are not easy to get. Check around before spending a lot on new rams."

07-23-2009, 10:09 PM
"Hello Peter,
I hope that this is not too late. You can easily work on the rams in situ but you will have to make a peg tool to undo the cylinder gland nut. They are not very tight and are sealed by a rubber ring. Once the piston has been removed, you will loose some oil, take care when unbolting the seal and valve from the piston rod so that you can pull it out of the gland nut and then you can easily change the lip seal, they are standard sizes and cheap even with stainless springs. Reasembly is easy but clealiness is important.
Regards, Martin."

07-29-2009, 06:23 AM
"Thanks Martin
You have put my mind and wallet at easehttp://www.marineengine.com/discus/clipart/happy.gif If i still have the boat next season il have a crack at it,,,,thanks again