View Full Version : Dual Carburetor performance upgrade Is the gain really worth it

09-07-2006, 10:18 AM
"I've seen intake manifolds for sale that will bolt to the AQ125's head (I'd imagine the head design is the same for all AQ's) that suit twin downdraft Solex 44 PAI's versus the stock manifold with only 1 PAI. Has anyone made this conversion before and what type of power increase should one expect? (low end Torque, WOT horsepower, etc.) What type of loss would there be in crusing speed (2500-3000 rpm) fuel economy?

Also, how big of an undertaking would it be to bolt on a fuel injection system to the AQ from a volvo 740 series engine? Has this been done before?"

09-13-2006, 06:49 PM
"The problem you'll have with bolting a (automobile based) fuel injection to a marine engine is the Oxygen sensor. There is no good place to mount it on a marine water cooled exhaust manifold.

I know some people in Sweden that have mounted a car based engine with fuel injection, but they routed a dry exhaust over the transom and kept the stock manifold (i.e, not water cooled). Nice installation!

If you can solve the issue with the Oxygen sensor (and keeping the water cooled manifold), I know many people that will convert right away.

As for the Dual solex, I have a pair on my AQ171C DOHC engine and they work just fine (after some issues this summer). Not sure how much improvement you'll see but my guess would be less than 10 hp."