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04-27-2009, 02:29 PM
"87 Force 50 hp A model 507X7A

i had posted before about the drive shaft stuck in the power head and gear case question.

I was finally able to get the drive shaft out of the power head using a slid hammer, when it came out there was a rubber seal and a brass retainer on it. it has been a while since i have done this , but i don't remember anything on the drive shaft before. since it was stuck in the power head i assumed these items went into the crank. i couldn't see it looking up the motor leg, so i pulled the power head off to get to this. now that i have the power head off and can see the end of the crank it doesn't look like there is any way this could go into the end of the crank. The hole is probably not big enough and the rubber seal would be into the splines on the crank. I have looked through my manual three times and the only time it is even mentioned is in the parts list on the gear case section... nothing is ever said about where it goes of how to get it there. when i first saw it, it looked like the retainer and the seal were one piece and i figured it went into the crank, but now i can see it is two pieces and would be in the splines if it went into the crank. i have new ones but i am not sure where they go?"

04-27-2009, 03:36 PM
"When I removed by lower end to replace the pump impeller, I also found the rubber seal and the brass bushing just below the splines of the drive shaft, on my 87 50hp Force engine. I guess they seal the splines and the crankshaft where they mate, to keep from rusting or freezing up the drive shaft in the crankshaft. Tapping gently with a drift and dead blow hammer, I removed the bushing, made my repairs, then heated the bushing with a small torch and reinstalled it into the drive shafe exactly where I found it. Grease up the splies, reinstall the rubber boot and put it together."