View Full Version : MD6A Oil exiting from Exhaust

04-21-2009, 09:42 AM
"Having a bit of a problem with a Volvo Penta MD 6A engine, installed in my yacht.

The engine will idle ok, up to 3200rpm, exhaust emissions are clear / normal.

When in gear and under load, the engine reaches a maximum 16oo rpm, 3 knots, with deposits of oil exiting from the exhaust.

Normal performance of the engine would comfortably be 3000 rpm giving 6 knots.

Fuel & filter, air filter, oil & filter, injectors, cylinder head gasket have all been replaced. The valves have also been re-ground and engine re-assembled.

The problem still persists. Engine is 35yrs old and has been regularly maintained over the years.

Has anyone experienced these symptoms with their engines any advice would be appreciated."

10-01-2011, 09:20 AM
Hi Dolphin,

Did you ever come to any conclusion re your problem.

I have exactly the same issue. She revs upto 2600 in nuetral but under load I get 1700 rpm and when on full belt, oil splogges from the exhaust (at quiet a notable rate). If I throttle back to say 1200rpm it is OK. Also I sometimes get a nasty knocking from the engine as though it does not have enough oil. The oil level is however OK. This seems to start if I have the engine idling but on a sail tack. It then will go as quick as it came!

I suspected that it may be a head gasket in that a small break might be letting the oil seep out under high pressure and also may occasionally be letting water in and hence the occasional knocking. I am a little worried that you have replaced all the obvious things and it still does it.

Coincidence that we have the same issue.

Chris (alias Draco)