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04-14-2009, 09:40 PM
"I recently just purcased my first boat (14ft jon boat) and was also given a couple old chrystler motors, a 5hp model 52ha serial 1819 and a 6hp model 62hb serial 11855. I have no idea what year these are or how long its been since they've been run, i assume a long time, i need to know what fuel ratio and any other info i can get. I will admit i couldn't resist giving these things a few cranks to see where i stood so i filled a 55 gallon drum, clamped the motors on, put some 50:1 chainsaw gas i had laying around in the tank, primed it and low and behold only after 3 cranks the 5hp fired and quikly sputtered out, sweet. I could not get it to run for more than a couple seconds but i do have a glimmer of hope. Although anxious to carry on i've decided to seek some much needed advice as i have never messed with marine motors before. These motors look alot the same so I,m wondering if i can swap parts from one to the other to make 1 good motor. BTW, could not get the 6 to fire, no spark, so I'm just gonna work on the 5 for now, also how hard is it gonna be to find parts for these.Thanks in advance for any advice, info on these motors."

04-15-2009, 01:14 PM
"Eric, the 5 horse is a 1970 model and the 6 is a 1972.

You can run both at 50:1 (regular unleaded mixed with TCW3 rated Marine 2 stroke oil).

Since they have been sitting I would pull both the carbs and give them a good clean out.

Also, I would take off one of the gas hoses from "under the hood" and head down to NAPA and get some new gas hose. The rubber on these earlier models was not designed to handle the Ethanol blended fuel that we run now. The E10/E15 fuel can rot the rubber causing all kinds of gumming issues. Bulk fuel line from Napa (or similar) works well and is cheap

www.laingsoutboards.com ("]www.discount-marine-parts.com[/url] used to be a Chrysler dealer and they bought out "tons" of stock when Chrysler went to the great outboard heaven in the sky, so they may be able to help you.

Alternately, [url=") has carb and ignition parts for both of these motors (carb kits, points, etc). They are great to deal with and can answer most questions you may have.

A Seloc's manual (obviously for little Chryslers of that vintage) will cover both these motors for you and is a decent book for regular maint, all the way up to a total rebuild."

04-16-2009, 09:39 PM
"Got new fuel line replaced and got correct mix in tank, also took plugs out and cleaned them up, once re-installed motor fired up in couple pulls and ran great, but it dies as soon as i fully close choke. Motor sputtered alot at first but it cleared up after running a little. It really seems to run fine with choke on but i know this isnt right. Next thing will be to pull carb and give it a good cleaning. Also i noticed what I believe is plenty of water coming from exhaust port and the head never got that hot, (able to hold hand on it)so I'm wondering if I really need to replace impeller right away. I'm definetly winging it with this motor as i have never tinkered with a marine motor. Still kinda confused about motor running so well with full choke but not at all with choke off. Really appreciate the help and am looking foward to posting my results so other noobs can benifit from my trial and error. Hope to get it done soon so I can get out and terrorize some crappie!!!"