View Full Version : Black oily exhaust water from 82 Seaking

03-10-2009, 12:14 AM
"Hi all,

Just joined this forum and already need help. I aquired an 82' 15hp Seaking along w/ a 14 ft skiff a couple weeks ago. What I understand are that these outbaords are actually Chryslers, right? It seems to spew black oil from the exhaust ports blanketing everything in the test barrel. I don't suppose this engine is going to be very environmentaly friendly. Could this be a bad seal somewhere or only one piston firing(seems to run OK though)? I mixed 50:1 thinking the ratio was too rich and probably unburned oil.

One last thing. The previous owner said it kicks out of gear sometimes when under way at higher RPM's

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


04-18-2009, 11:31 AM
"I have the same motor, right down to the year, and it does the same thing, I got mine a few months ago, tested it in a bucket, black oil everywhere, have not had it in the water yet, hope someone out there knows if you and I have a problem with these little motors, or if it is the norm."

04-18-2009, 03:17 PM
"Relax boys, that is completely normal.

Two strokes are grossly inefficient. A good portion of the oil/gas that gets sucked into the cylinders goes right out the exhaust port, along with the burnt oil/gas.

That tends to coat the inside of the exhaust housing (the leg) with a black oily "goo". You don't notice it on the water because as the heat of the exhaust causes it to run it ends up going out the prop into the lake (one of the reasons the EPA will eventually have all 2 strokes banned in the US).

It keeps dripping out for a while after you haul out the boat and put it on the trailer, but usually has stopped by the time you get the boat back home (so the rest drips on the road during the drive back).

You only notice it when it's in a tank or flushing device or if you run the motor and then watch it sit - that crud all slides down and out the prop and it is often mistaken as a "leaking lower unit"...."