View Full Version : Volvo Tamd73EDC gearbox oil

03-09-2009, 09:09 PM
I have recently purchased a Princess 460 , building year 1998/99.
The engines are Volvo Tamd 73 EDC, each about 1000 hours.
The survey was well , everthing is working fine.

The problem i have is the Gearbox of the PORTside engine.
As you maybe know there are 2 possibilities to place the dipstick. On this engine the dipstick is in the inside - better and closer for maintaince as it is in the middle - as well as the starport engine.
On the opposite side there is a kind of screw with a silver metalcap on top which shall be for ventilation.
By driving this "screw" looses the gearbox oil.
The performance is perfect.
As i did the maintance in August last year (directly after purchasing ist) the engeneer told me that he had to refill about 1,5 litres of gearbox oil there.
While we were sailing the boat to the MED we allways lost OIL. The dipstick shows the level a bit over minimum. However as less oil is in there the less we loose.
Engeneers who have looked at the boat also mentioned that the building angle of the engines is quiet high, however this boat (as well as the 440 princess) has been build a lot...

My question is:
What can cause this? (the "screw" is in good condtion)
Would it be worth is a try to change the dipstick TO the other side - as it is with the Starboarengine -which absolutly dosent make any problems?
Is the turning direction of the gear itself maybe a reason - and thats why the other engeige has not this problem?

thanks for help and ideas!