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02-26-2009, 11:07 PM
"First question:

I have a pair of same-rotation (connected to counter rotating gears) TMD70A-B's (circa 1969-1970). Being same rotation, they are both configured as Starboard engines. My Port engine has its oil dipstick in a fairly inaccessible location on the outside. On the right- or in-side of the engine, there is what appears to be a hole covered by a blanking plate that corresponds with the location of the dipstick on the left/outside of the engine.

Is this an alternate dipstick location, and, if so, can I merely swap the dipstick for the blanking plate?

Second question:

I have the stock Volvo instrument panel on my upper bridge, and no instruments on the lower bridge.

Can I run a second set of gauges by running jumpers from the gauges on the upper panel?"

03-03-2009, 12:04 AM
"Hi,Those engines had a couple of different oil pan configurations,you probably have the shallow pan and the plate you mentioned should be for changing the dipstick location. Just for Murphy's Law prevention,I would note the oil level on the dipstick and check to make sure it shows the same level when moved to the more convenient location.
To add another instrument panel you will need to replace you sending units to dual station senders otherwise your gauges will read half value."