View Full Version : TMD70B Exhaust riser

01-31-2009, 10:47 PM
"Hi, I have an excellent TMD70B 6 Cylinder turbo with a wet exhaust system, i had a problem with the exhaust elbow where the raw water enters the exhaust system, that sorted, the exhaust gasses now leak past the joint at the back of the flange where it bolts onto the turbo exit.
I was going to replace the elbow until i looked at the parts list only to find that the elbow and flange are separate items, iv'e removed the elbow and flange again and can't understand how they are fixed together, it looks like the elbow just has a small collar which lips into the back of the flange and is then FLARED out to make a seal.
Can anyone inform me if this is the case and whether or not there is any recommended sealer or joint compound for this joint. Both the flange and the elbow are in good condition, i'm just having trouble figuring out how they join to form a gas tight seal.
Any info will be well appreciated.
Thanks in advance.