View Full Version : Volvo MD2020%3dD Water coolant in exhaust

01-17-2009, 06:58 AM
"Hi, I have just purchased a trailer yacht with an inboard motor. I was shown how to put a garden hose up the water intake and run the engine, I ran it for a few minutes and then turned the engine off. I did this myself a second time and everything went as normal. I did this again later in the day and the engine would not turn over, I guessed that the water may have traveled back down the exhaust as the boat is parked slightly uphill. I removed all the heat plugs (Glow) and water (1/2 cup) from 3rd cylinder, 2 was dry and about 1/8 cup from no 1. I cranked the engine over until I had blown out all the water and tested and fitted the Heat plugs again. I then cranked the engine and it started after around 5-10 seconds and ran okay. I reconnected the garden hose and ran it just slightly however I noticed that the water coming out the exhaust was green. I stopped the water hose and ran the engine for another 30 seconds at idle until most of the water had stopped coming from the exhaust. When I checked the level of the tank, it had mostly all gone. I suspect that when the engine / pistons had hydraulic (ed) I may have blown a gasket (head) or reading another thread, maybe there are water seals between the fresh tank and the external supply. I would appreciate any ideas."

01-20-2009, 03:57 AM
"I have run the engine again, this time I inserted a hose in the intake at the bottom of the hull and let the pump draw its own supply from a bucket. Seems to be fine now, no water loss from closed tank so hey, I'm happy!"