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01-01-2009, 12:43 PM
"Whenever I start a cold engine it squeals for 30 sec's to 2 minutes than quits completely. The engine than runs fine until it has been shut down, cooled for a short time and restarted the squeal occurs again and soon quits. Squeal appears to be coming from the front of the engine. The raw water pump and alternator belts were replaced and properly tentioned last week. I just completed replacing the alternator but yet the squeal remains. The engine circulating water pump is next followed by the raw water pump.... However, troubleshooting via parts replacement is time consuming and expensive. Anyone experience this type of problem???"

01-01-2009, 03:48 PM
Sounds like a slipping drive belt. You could try disconnecting one belt at a time to isolate the problem. The alternator works hard when the batteries are low or defective and often slips when electrical demand is high. There is also more to belt selection besides overall length...you can get a belt that is the right length but does not have the same angle or width as the drive pulleys. Is the pulley on the new alternator the same as the one from the old alternator???

01-01-2009, 06:04 PM
"Thanks for the input

The belts I installed are the same part number I removed. Yes, the new alternator has the same type pulley as the one removed. I've heard belts squeal before but I believe this is a different type sound, more throaty if that makes any sense I have installed an electronic shore battery charger which charges each battery seperately. The charger indicates a full charge so I feel comfident the batteries which are less than a year old and fully charged.

The water pump is the orginal and has a small leak from the weep hole so I have removed and ordered a replacement which will be here in a couple of days. After I install it I shall remove the raw water pump belt and start the engine and see what happens. Again thanks for the prompt reply and the advice


01-02-2009, 02:32 PM
"Take the alternator belt off and see if the noise goes away. if so, you might need a new drive pulley.


01-24-2009, 10:01 PM
replaced the water with a new like pump and all is well----thanks for the advice and help.


01-25-2009, 10:28 AM
"I had a similar situation for awhile, and the squeel would pesist until the belt got hot enough to grab, by revving the engine a bit that would help too. It turned out to be a bolt came loose from the pump assembly and the whole assembly was quite loose. Now that you seem to have it fixed, I'm quite sure it was the ole familiar belt squeel. Hope your boating season brings you a lot of fun,



01-25-2009, 05:50 PM
"I ran into a similar problem on a car. New belt still squealed. Took a closer look and found the alternator pulley was worn and lost it's V angle, only the very top of the belt was touching the pulley. Replaced the pulley and solved the problem. Boat pulleys suffer a lot of rust damage. Take a real close look at all pulleys, sides should have straight angles, no curves. Pulley I changed was worn to U shape."

07-12-2009, 01:29 PM
"Does anyone know something about anchor motor on Chris Craft Catalina 220? This one worked for a short while and then stopped. You can hear a clicking noise but no motor turning. I took it apart and checked the brushes, they are like new, the rotor moves freely, but when I place the jumper cables to motor terminals NO action is made. There are three terminals on the side of the motor, 2 are close to the gear next to each other and one in the rear. I presume the upper two are for forward and reverse and the bottom one is the ground. Could anyone help?

07-12-2009, 05:58 PM
"gene start a new thread,you will get a better response to your question"