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12-31-2001, 08:15 AM
" Anyone familiar with this engine? What is the general view of this power plant? Any well known service or performance issues to be aware of?

I am considering buying a '65 Chris Craft Super Sport powered by one. I plan to have it professionally inspected before closing the deal, but I am curious about the "bigger picture".

Thanks. "

01-01-2002, 11:47 AM

The 431 Lincoln was a good strong engine. Obviously depends on how it was operated and cared for.. but that should show up in your inspection.

The problem with be availability of the marine parts such as the manifolds.

Parts manuals and specification sheets are available.

Good luck.


02-25-2002, 08:30 AM
" Andrew,

I bought the '65 Chris Craft with the 431 engine, after both hull and engine survey checked out. The surveyor's only comment on the engine was a slightly low compression reading on two cylinders. It bears watching, but he thought it might well disappear with a decent run at operating temperature - we'll see!

Now for the question: All information I have on this engine (including the manual) indicates that it is a Chris Craft Model 431, but the engine manual also clearly states that its displacement is 430 ci (not 431, as I would have assumed). As I have seen parts listings and other information referring to both "430" and "431" engines, I am wondering if these are two different engines, or the same thing. What can you tell me about this?

Also, the surveyor recommended using a good quality 10-w40 multi-viscosity oil. I am used to running straight 30 weight in all boats I have owned. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


02-27-2002, 10:46 PM

You are right that the engine is listed as a 430 and a 431. The parts manuals appear to be identical except the parts numbers are different.
It may be a difference with the hydraulic gear that caused the change in model number. If anyone else knows... please add your comments.

I don't have a recomdation on the oil, can you find out what the previous owner used? Attached is some basic oil info... but is not specific to your engine.

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01-21-2004, 10:27 PM
" i have a &#39;61 chris craft roamer with twin 431&#39;s. i have a bunch of factory engine manuals that i could scan in for you &#40;i think i have them&#41;. the displacement of the 430 /431 is really a 430.5. chris craft changed the displacement number in &#39;61 to make it seem like a new engine. eventually in &#39;65, ford cancelled production of the 431 and used the block as the basis of the 427.
its a SOLID, low revs, low torque engine &#40;4500 rpm MAX!&#41; there&#39;s a yahoo group dedicated to CC roamers and there&#39;s some more info there. if you have any questions, give me a shout.
p.s., the two i have are complete rebuilds with trannies,0 hours and i&#39;m selling both. please check out my classifieds on this website and spread the word. thanks ~rich "

brian lavelle
04-30-2004, 02:39 PM
rich are those engines avail? I have a blown 427 and am looking for options any ideas?

12-27-2005, 03:55 PM
"The 431 and 430 Lincoln motors are very strong plank head motors, as opposed to the wedge head design of the 390 and 427 Ford family of motors. The plank head motor actually has the top of the cylinder cut off at an angle, and the combustion actually occurs in the top part of the cylinder bore, as opposed to the cylinder head. It is a fine design, similar to the chevy 409, but they were EXPENSIVE to build, and CC ended up going with cheaper motors. There&#39;s nothing on one that cant be fixed. Chances are, the motor will wear you out before you wear it out.

Here&#39;s a pair of fresh MEL &#40;Mercury Edsel Lincoln&#41; 431s

http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/message/1126713970/ ("")

One other comment about the Oil, I wouldn&#39;t run 10W40 in anything, since it was generally taken off the market for being subject to viscosity index degradation &#40;unless of course, you&#39;re using a synthetic, which would be a totally different story&#41;. I&#39;ve been using Mobil-1 15W50 in my Ford 427s, and I understand AMSOIL has a superb synthetic marine oil too.

If you don&#39;t want to use synthetic, which I would NOT use if your tranny shares oil with the motor, then I&#39;d use a Castrol 20W50 long before I&#39;d use a 10W anything in a marine application.

Regards, Dogsharks38"