View Full Version : Inboard starters weird beasts

06-25-2006, 07:57 AM
"If you have a starter that does NOT look like a GM type (with the solenoid moving the bendix drive in and out of engagement), then this piece of info is for you.

The way these weird apparations work is this: When the motor (hopefully) fires up, the ring gear spins the bendix drive (boy, does it ever with that 30 to 1 step up drive!). This action causes 3 pins to fly apart (via centrifugal force) and release the bendix, which then retracts. Now, if the engine did not start after cranking it over, the bendix will remain engaged! This is normal so don't sweat it (as I did after bumping the motor to set the timing). Like a fool I pulled the starter and took it to my very capable rebuilder, who set me straight!


PS to Andrew: This would be a good subject for the Q & A section, right?"