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12-05-2008, 07:28 AM
"MY 1982 3hm35 head gasket blew this past spring. the head was warped and so i had it machined and replaced all the injectors etc while apart. at that time the ecylinder walls appeared ok and so stopped there on the repair.

this fall the rings went.

a new engine will cost $7200 but yanmar recommends a new v drive transmission as well for another 4-5 grand.

estimates on the repair run from 2500 to $6000

So the questions are: it going with the new engine is it necessary to replace the transmission also?

if the entire engine will be rebuilt what are some of the advantage to new?


12-06-2008, 11:31 AM
"Hello Frank, The new engine will have a 5 year warranty. the last 3 years on internal crank abd con rod parts. The 3GM35 is this a "fresh water cooled" engine, if so it will have an "F" at the end of the model. The new engine will be factory FWC. Your v-drive may not fit on the new engine. Check that out. Then it may be in good shape.
Botton line the 3GM35 is a good engine, but no longer made about 6 years ago they stopped that model. It seems to me if you get a new engine, you can order same with a V Drive. The cost of new and repairs are close. So it may be time for a new engine."