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11-26-2008, 01:57 PM
"Hey Guys,

First of all, glad to have come across this forum, and happy to be a new member! I am a new owner of a 2000 Carver 530 with twin VP TAMD74-P's. I've recently discovered a starting issue with my starboard engine. The second to last time I ran the boat, I started the port side first which fires without issue. I went to start my starboard engine and it cranked for about twice the time it takes for the port side to fire, and it still didnt fire. On the second attempt it took roughly 10 seconds of cranking before it fired. Once fired there seems to be no issues with the way the engine runs whatsoever. Now the last time I attempted to run the boat, I fired the port engine first again which starts without issue. When I went to start the starboard engine, it cranked for an interval of 10 seconds again without firing. I attempted to crank the engine over again about 5 times in 10 second intervals and it just will not fire. Unfortunately the long attempt at starting drained the batteries completely. The batteries are currently recharging and now I'm trying to figure out what could be preventing the engine from firing. I'm leaning towards an issue with the fuel filtration system. What would be some basic things to look for next time I return to the boat to re-attempt starting it? -Matthew"

01-28-2009, 05:34 PM
"Matt next time you go to the boat check for air at the bleed screw on top of the engines double filters,remove any air,tightern screw,prime pump some more then try starting?sounds like fuel problem,check for fault codes?