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11-08-2008, 11:23 PM
Can anyone tell me the technique for winterizing my diesel engine? This is the first winter that I will be doing it on my own. Do I need anti-freeze? If not, what are the procedures in order to prevent the engine block or cooling system block from freezing and cracking.

thank you!"

11-17-2008, 12:17 PM
"Hi Grayley,

The following proceedure is one that I have written for the yachting press, hope this helps.
For Direct Cooling (ie Sea water- Raw)
If Possible with a warm engine.
Turn off the seacock feeding the cooling sea water strainer, remove the lid & filter.
Pour in a mixture of fresh water & washing up luquid (Fairy Liquid) about a gallon.
Run engine, topping up the water strainer as required. This cleans the sediment & sea water salts out of the engine. Turn off engine.
With a half gallon container mix 30% antifreeze + 30% of soluble oil(ie Metal cutting oil) We will call this mix, the lay up oil. Ifsoluble oil is not available to you can replace the soluble oil with central heating rust inhibitor (iw Fernox). However this is expensive, soluble oil is cheaper.
Mix the lay up oil together in the half Gallon can, start engine & pour in the lay up mix into the sea water strainer until all used up.

Stop the engine & DRAIN the engine block via the brass plug under the exhaust manifold, this is Most important as the lay up mix can weep past the cylinder liner seals if left over the winter.
Take out the water pump impellor, this will also help drain the engine cooling system.
Take out & renew the engine block anode, large brass nut fitted at the rear of the cylinder block, this wll also help drain the block.
Drain the engine oil & fit a new oil filter.
Refill with fresh engine oil, do NOT leave used engine oil in the sump over the winter as this causes corrosion (Sulphur from the fuel & moisture caused real problems)
Turn the engine over until the piston/s are on Top Dead Centre (TDC) all the valves are closed.
Block up the air filter inlet with rag, plus duck tape (gaffer tape) the exhaust pipe, this stop moisture being blown into the exhaust pipe/engine during the winter gales.
Slacken off the alternater belt to take the pressure off the bearings.
Finally, ENSURE you leave yourself a note to un block both inlet & exhaust in the spring, + refit or renew the Water Pump Impellor.
Change the gearbox oil with an SAE engine Oil.
Spray the engine with WD40.
Ensure the Disel fuel is FULL to reduce condesation in the fuel tank when the temperature drops.

Let me know if you require any further info.

Cheers, Roger."

02-28-2012, 07:41 PM
Hi Roger,

reading thru you reply, can you lead me in the right direction regarding replacing the selector gear and the two associated gears from saildrive of a Bukh DV10L SME. We have enquired in Austraia but they suggested that we buy a NEW leg. Or can you you advise where we can get the specs to build them.