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10-03-2008, 07:25 AM
"Hey guys,

Im new here and at a bit of a loss. I have a 6ds7 motor, i'm pretty sure that's what its called :} and i'm really at a loss with it. it was bought second hand to replace the tired old one. I'm pretty good with motors and i bought it cheap because it had what i thought was a blown head gasget. I brought it home and pulled it down. i found were the gasget had blown so i assumed that i was correct with my diagnosis. I decieded that while it was apart i would give it a freshen up. The bores and rings really were like new as were the bearings but the valves had receded a little and some of the combustion chambers looked a little dodgy. So i had the head fully reconditioned with all new parts after it was crack tested, remembering the original issue. i got all of the injectors and the pump reconditioned also as i thought it was a good idea and i have a buddie that has a shop spe******ing in older diesel injention stuff, so it wasnt too expensive.

Now i reassembled the motor and fitted it. The motor fired almost instantly and was really quiet and smooth compared to the old one. I ran it for half an hour or so just to make sure it didn't spring any leaks or overheat or anything else. It ran perfectly, really like a brand new motor.

The next day i came out to my pride and joy to find water in the sump and half of the coolant gone. i was really shocked and disapointed to say the least.

Now i did a bit of diagnosing. without running the motor coolent will drip into the sump at a pretty quick rate, Prolly about two drops a second. once the coolent level reaches about half way down the block it stops leaking.i swapped the oil cooler with one from a wrecker and it still does the same.

I'm thinking that the amount of coolent leaking and the motor not overheating and the fact it still leaks really fast on a cold unran motor, suggests its not a crack in the block. Shurley i couldn't get two bad oil coolers in row, so now im at a loss.

Any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated as im really at a loss now.

Thanks for ready this massive post guys and any help that you can offer.


P.s. please excuse any spelling or grammer errors"

10-14-2008, 02:22 AM
"Re: Toney's leaking 6DS7 Mitsubishi diesel. Iam not familiar with that engine but I think that you should find out if it has wet cylinder liners, if so one of the liner seal may be leaking. So you will have to strip it down again, what fun."