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09-12-2008, 11:43 AM
"hi all,
i managed to get hold of a tomos 9.9hp outboard, now i need to get hold of an impeller since it doesnt pump up water. any tips?

and would anyone know if there is any other brand on the market which ahas parts that match those of tomos. example: nissan with tohatsu?

thanks a lot

09-17-2008, 04:22 AM
"Chris, Tomos was a Yugoslav built outboard - they also built scooters.

Unfortunately these were all OEM parts and not produced by any of the other mfg's. To further complicate things, when the war started in Yugo, the company went under and never resurfaced, so you really are stuck with an orphan.

Some time back I did manage to find a dealer in Germany (I think) that had some Tomos parts. But mostly the bottom line on these is, take what you have and see if you can find something close that will fit. I will try and dig out the source that I had and post when I find it...."

09-17-2008, 04:23 AM
"Actually the link was in a few posts below this one...

you can have a look at www.tomos-aussenborder.de ("")"