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09-06-2008, 11:46 AM
im thinking of repowering my 31 silverton with diesels. before i talk to a dealer i wanted to try to get some information about the process. i know nothing about diesel engines and i dont want to get snowed into any unnecessary expence by an over eager salesman. my current power is twin 5.7 crusaders with 71c borgwarner transmissions and 20D walter v-drives. the info im looking for is: does yanmar make an engine that will fit my application. the engines are under the cockpit so there is plenty of room to modify engine mounts however i will need a v-drive transmission. can anyone recommend a specific engine (around 300 hp) and v-drive transmission that will work for me? thanks for any help.

09-06-2008, 12:43 PM
"Hello Gary, Look at the Yanmar LH series. They go to 260 HP in a lightweight 4 cylinder diesel.
They will give you same cruising speed with half the fuel consumption. With diesels you are looking at the torque curve rather that hi speed horsepower. Ask the dealer for people who have converted and then chat them up. Also what region are you in? See what engine is well represented in your area. I am a Yanmar person but take a look at Volvo Penta also, I was with them for a few years back. To go to 6 cylinder diesels is over kill I feel and you will loose the weight advantage. You would not be able to use the exsisting gear boxes with a 6 cyl. Your salesman would be able to check and see if you can. Remember,check with people who have converted from Gasoline to diesel. Enjoy, best regards Ron.."

09-06-2008, 08:38 PM

Which 31 do you have? Is it direct or remove V-drive?

Yanmar is a good choice but you might look closely at replacing the boat with a diesel model rather than repowering yours. Just looking at the $$$. The market is flooded with used boats right now and there are some really great deals for someone ready to move up. You're looking at 60K+ for the upgrade. Just my thoughts."