View Full Version : CC 283 Block amp Cylinder Identification

09-01-2008, 11:11 AM
"I purchased a complete CC 283 engine w/paragon trans for my Jersey Speed Skiff project. Everything looks complete and it has been tore down for rebuild. Seller advised motor was late 50's or early 60's and was in a barn for over 30 years (it was I pulled it out)
I have never done an engine rebuild and the first thing I did was look up the ID numbers which has me totally confused. Using MORTEC site the ID tells me the following:
Block ID 3756519 = 283 '58-'62 (OK looks good)
cyl head 3767462 = '62-'67...327 (!)
cyl head 3774684 = '62-64..327 75cc chambers(!)
Block date = april 5 '60 (OK)
Cyl date = April 6 '60 (?)
Cyl date = June 17 '59 (?)
So, I am confused.
Do I have mistakes with my cyl ID's, did CC build (or can you use) 327 heads with 283 block or was it bored out to a 327?
Any thoughts help would be appreciated
mike t"