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Simon Templar
06-04-2006, 12:37 AM
"Hi all,

I never had a boat, and would like to buy a jet boat. I have a house in NJ on the shore. The lagun is not too deep, and I really don't want a big boat. I would love to get a small Sea Doo, Yamaha, or Sea Ray.. Just 4-7 people, and plenty of power to pull 2 water skier, or some other stuff..

Now.. I read a forum where people say NOT TO buy a Sea Ray. I found a F-16 120Hp about 230hours, from 1996.. But then I read that a lot of people had trouble with it..

Could anyone give me recommendations on the brand ? I'd love -of course- a boat where the engine won't break every year. I am pretty handy, and can fix stuff... But I just don't want a boat that I'll be desapointed with..

Any suggestions appreciated, thank you !"