View Full Version : 2004 6LPASTZP wont rev beyond 2000 rpm

08-25-2008, 05:06 PM
Never any trouble since new. We ran 15 miles at speed. idled and ran repeatedly to drift fish all day. Went to come home and motor would not rev beyond 2000 rpm. its as though there is a governor or limiter of some kind. I replaced both the fuel filters filling them each with fuel before setting and tightneing. No improvement. Motor idles great no smoke just wont rev past 2k.

02-10-2009, 09:58 PM
Since I got no help and after spending some 6k in shop fees checking everything from fuel injectors testing / injector pump remove and inspect/rebuilding the turbo/ I learned that my boat came from the factory with a spring and check ball in the fuel fitting on top of the fuel tank. Funkie junk from the fuel tank was clogging the check ball cutting off fuel at runnig pressures. TWM informed me this application was for gas motors not deisel and they thought they cought all the tanks with check balls before they left the plant but apparantly mine got by. Broken down fuel created a crystaline crppy junk to form in the tank. The funk got sucked up in the fuel pick up tube and plugged up the check ball.I was told I should knock out the spring and check ball with a drift pin. After doing this the problem went away and performance was excellant for about 10hrs then the problem returned. Close inspection through the fuel pickup access port revealed the tank was loaded with this funk.
I cut a couple access holes 6" in diameter pumped and vacuumed all the remaining fuel. Pressure washed everywhere I could reach with a pressure washer then hand scrubbed with a 3m scrubby pads and dishwashing detergent every square inch of the tank. Rinsed thoroughly vacummed then installed an air blower through one of the holes and blasted air throughout the tank to dry up any moisture residue left from the rinsing. I then installed 10X10X1/8" plates with gaskets drilled and tapped and bolted in place and sealed with 3M 5200over the access holes I had cut. Refilled the tank with 50 gallons of fresh deisel and a good deisel additive to prevent funky growth and so far 15hrs later everything seems to be 100%