View Full Version : Injected vs carborated

05-30-2006, 10:02 PM
"ive found a nice g3 16foot package with 60-40 yamaha jet 4 stroke.. the other boats im being shown have similar features but are cheaper (same price, cheaper features but bigger... some with bigger engines.. one 17 footer welded aluminum crestliner has .100 thick hull and plywood floors with 90-65 mercury 2 stroke with carborator, rear gas tank.... the g3 has fuel injected engine, the floors are welded grid aluminum, fuel gauge, forard fuel tank, plug in front for the trolling moter, rod racks, interior night lights, and on and on with features.. the 17 foot crestliner is about the same price with a bigger engine, but the g3 except being smaller is quite a boat... is the fuel injected yamaha system and aluminum floors, that much better??? thanks for any comments...it looks like a no brainer to me but i allways like a 2nd,3rd opinion.. dave."