View Full Version : Onboard charger for boat causing shock

08-06-2008, 10:37 PM
"My old onboard charger stopped working. So I had to get a new. The old is the black one in the pictuer. Its intire housing in plastic. The new on is a bass pro xps 20 amp 2 bank charger. Its housing is metal. I hooked up the new one and plug it in. Its working, charged my battaries nicely. I went out to the boat and leaned over in the boat and I got shocked. Not a real strong shock but enough to make you jump back. The charger is attached to a metal box where the battaries are at as shown in the picture. What might be causing the new one to send a shock. Whn the old one worked great i never got shocked from it. well sorry I could not get the pics to upload."