View Full Version : Merc versus johnson

08-02-2008, 12:52 PM
"i have a 74 johnson 50 horse. i am buying another rig with a 500 merc which i believe is 1 76 model (serial 4707922) i was wondering how the 2 engines compare in torque and overall power. say if i was running the same prop, same pitch, etc. i know with my 73 evinrude 25 horse, my dad could run away from me with his 72 merc 20 horse. so i was just wondering about the 50 horses"

08-05-2008, 02:05 AM
"The 25 EV had a distinct displacement advantage over the 20 horse Merc of that vintage.

Just like the 25 kicked the snot out of the 20 Merc, the 50 Merc with it's 4 cylinders producing a decent torque band should kick the snot out of your twin cylinder Johnson, at least getting out of the hole and up on plane - even though both horsepowers are the same.

You may find however that parts for that vintage Merc are a little more difficult to find compared with the Johnson - mostly because OMC kinda kept alot of things the same for alot of years while Merc kept "trying something new"....."