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05-26-2006, 10:46 PM
"im looking at a new 16 foot john boat with a 40 horspower 30 hp output, yamaha 4 cylinder engine.. i dont want to be underpowered, but also dont want more boat than i can handle as i am older.. i need just enough for three people and day gear for fishing or duck hunting and fuel. im worried about overworking this engine or looseing fuel economy by using only the higher rpms? i wont be running it all day or even that much as i will be hunting on an island or drift fishing.. i will be using it on the upper missouri, and steel head fishing in idaho, and would take it occationally to brittish columbia salmon fishing.. thanks for any input.. dave."

06-11-2006, 05:11 PM
"Hello Dave
I have a custom built AFF Eagle Jet with a 40 horse Yamhy Jet drive, absolutley love the motor and boat as I used it for my Fishing Guide service: Drift "N" Fish Inc. on the White River in north central Ar. First let me address what I found out the hard way about Jet propulsion. These motors can only be directionally controlled by applying a generous amount of throttling whereas a prop can be steered under idle alone starboard or port. second look up the max weight of your stern as these four strokes are still on the heavy side ( add your weight plus motor and any other gear ) now in regards to as of my discovery remember if the motor says 40 horse jet the engine is actually a 60 horse head unit, you lose alot of hp by going jet but you gain alot of shallow water running, with that said I can fill up my 12 gallon tank on Fri. and run it wide open till Sun. before I need to refill. Fuel economy with these Yammys is excellent. so I suggest go with the biggest motor you can afford that will safely rest on your transom and dont worry about fuel economy, get out there hit the trout and smallys, get in the shallows where everyone else wishes they could go. or if your not fishing shallow waters. get a Murcury big foot with some raw torque and have some fun. Ps. you will find that most Yams has a slight dead spot in the rpm range of about 1500 to 2000 range, this frustrated the ever living bleep out of me as I contacted Yamaha and some fellow Marine Mechs. all of which could not explain to me as to why, I now just except it and drive on rarely even noticeing it at all. Hope this helps in your decision. -------- Just another Marine Mech at Holly Bay Marina Laurel Lake Ky.------------"