View Full Version : AB1W shifter mystery

07-25-2008, 12:34 PM
"I finally got the Petter AB1W on my Coronado 27 running (last owner had left it in little pieces ... final clue to making it start: valve lash is really, really critical) and now I am trying to figure out the drive mechanism so I can shift between forward and reverse without having to crawl under the deck or reach over a running engine. There is some sort of mechanism that resembles a pulley mounted at the top end of a vertical lever. Turning the pulley back and forth moves the driveshaft in and out, one position is forward, the other reverse. There are marks chafed into the pulley-like disk. In the box of engine parts I found what appears to be a shifter. Disassembling it I found that it appears to take a cable which has grooves on it that fit into notches. The chafe marks on the disk appear to match those inside the shifter. However, I haven't yet found a corresponding cable on board, nor can I figure out where the shifter has ever been mounted. It has two fittings on the bottom that it appears would go through the cockpit sole. The end of the fittings are tapered and threaded to accept compression fittings, and also in the box of parts were two 2' lengths of small copper tubing with compression fittings that match. Can someone give me a clue how all this is supposed to work?"