View Full Version : VTWIN 37L165 MERCI think not

05-15-2006, 07:55 PM
"Motor now runs however there is a problem. It was running on only 2 cylinders (1 & 2). Bought new Plugs,wires,points,condenser, rotor,coil. Starts on first try, but runs ruff. I took of the cap and rotor, put the rotor and cap back on. The motor started great, ran for around 30 seconds, rpm's got real high, the back to cylinders cut out (3&4...removed plug wires while running and engine didn't skip beat) then the engine bogged down and shut off. Started right back up and the engine ran the same on only 2 cylinders (1&2). I then cut off motor, took cap and rotor off, then put back on and started it up...all 4 cylinders were running for about 30 seconds and then repeated exactly what happened before. Could someone PLEASE help me...I am at a loss. COuld it be that the cap is bad? or maybe a voltage loss over the coil. maybe trouble in the alternator or even as extreme as valve lash? Someone please help. thanks"

05-15-2006, 10:03 PM
"1. Get a compression test done.

2. If it says the motor is okay, get someone to properly adjust the valves.