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Clint Bachelder
05-15-2006, 10:17 AM
"I am changing the moter in formula 233 and have several questions, the moter is a mercruiser 233 and the stern drive is I believe a 233. The first question is,
I bought a used moter and am installing it, it came with a 164 tooth fly wheel the original flywheel is a 157 tooth model the old fly wheel fits fine on the new moter and I changed the front balencer wheel, I have read the 351 moter is "exteranally balenced" am I going to have a problem engine balence by puting on the old flywheel?
Second is it possible to tell what rotation the moter has, I have looked at the alternator and the air fins look to be set up for left hand rotation."

05-21-2006, 08:35 AM
"Your Boat might be a 233,........

But,.... I Think you're Wrong about having a Merc.233,.. with a 233 Outdrive......

I've Never Heard of Either.......
And,....... If You Don't Know what You're talking about,..... Neither do We......"

06-06-2006, 06:18 PM
"The mercruiser 233 is a ford 351 windsor moter that was installed in 1975, I know this due to the fact that I have the book and 351 ford is stamped in the engine. The BOAT is a formula 233, the engine is a 233 horspower mercruiser moter. I found out about the balencing, there is a external wieght on the flywheel, it appears that it is on both fly wheels so I am OK. The Clymers book indicates this is a standard rotation engine so I believe I am OK here also But I have read on the net that some Ford moters with outdrives were reverse rotation moters. I am sorry if I sound clueless but I was hoping I could get some help"