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04-24-2006, 11:48 PM
"Hello from Guam.
I have a 1970 18 Renell(SP) orginally it came with a V6 and OMC stringer outdrive. I have rebuilt/reglassed the boat from the keel up. I need some technical help on 3 questions:
Question #1 I purchased a complete OMC lower unit from a guy, it has never been used and I am trying to find a steering cable for this unit but dont know what year or model can anyone help.
The info plate indicates:
MOD: 983487
SER: J361337
Question #2: It has been stored coverd for 4-5 years and appears to have no oil in it(as it is in three peices)it appears in real good shape. Any special items to look for in the reinstall, ie.. gaskets dried out etc.
Question #3: As indicated above I am replacing the old antique(still running 1970 lower unit/engine)with a 1979 something V8 OMC 200 Model I think the part number/model is 990260S-S1 select trim. I am installing a factory rebuilt lower unit(Question #1 what type). I measured the transom opening from the bottom of the other boat I took the motor from and it is within 1/2" of the 18" Renell. The engine compartment or stringer mounts where the motar mounts is about the same as well, just a little wider. What special considerations do I need to consider that I did not cover. A person here in guam made some referance to the height of the lower unit fins in realtionship to the bottom of the boat, can anyone help on the details or points of contact for this."